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About Author

Joshua E. Collins is a well-known author and expert on the casino industry. With over 15 years of experience writing and researching casinos across the globe, Collins has established himself as a leading voice in chronicling gambling destinations.

His popular “World Casino Directories” series provides in-depth guides and reviews of major casino resorts and gaming hubs. Each volume is a meticulously researched tome, filled with detailed information on games offered, amenities, dining, entertainment, and lodging options.

Collins’ strength lies in his ability to go beyond just listing specs and amenities. Through his travels and connections in the industry, he offers rich background on the history, ownership, design inspirations, and unique experiences at each property he covers.

Readers and industry insiders alike appreciate Collins’ unbiased and discerning critiques. He doesn’t pull punches when pointing out flaws or underwhelming aspects of casino resorts. But he is equally enthusiastic about highlighting stellar gaming, hospitality, and customer service.

In addition to the directory series, Collins has authored books delving into specific aspects of casino culture, design, player ratings programs, and gambling tourism. His blog is also a popular resource for his musings on current events and emerging trends in the casino world.

Thanks to his comprehensive research, compelling writing style, and deep passion for the subject matter, Joshua E. Collins has become a trusted guide for casino enthusiasts planning their next gaming getaway or simply interested in this unique slice of the hospitality industry.